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You don't get it. Weecest. :iconkristencatsa:KristenCatsA 31 12
Lucifer x Reader x Gabriel - Lucifer's Angel
"Gabriel! Gabriel no!!"
Dean tried to hold you back, what was really difficult because you always were a bit sensitive if it was about the safety of an angel. Especially one of your favorites.
"(f/n)! He's...  (f/n) come BACK!" Dean shouted, while he lost his grip and you freed yourself, immediately dashing back inside the hotel.
Breathless you ran through the lobby.
A blinding white light shone through the doors to the ballroom, and you had to close your eyes.
Nontheless you kept moving forward and pushed the doors open, barely holding back a cry.
Lucifer stood over his little brother, shoulders shaking with heavy breaths, hand still loosely gripping at the silver blade.
"" You whispered, kneeling down beside him, careful not to step on the marks his wings had left on the ground.
"No..." your fingers searched his pulse, checked his breathing, even though you knew there wouldn't be any.
Not anymore.
Crying, you slumped over his lifeless vessel, sadn
:iconclaragryffon:ClaraGryffon 253 42
Lucifer x Reader - Exception
Lucifer hated them.
He hated the entire human race.
With all their flaws, their wars, the constant mocking about skin colour, about all their tiny problems…
They were nothing, compared to him, his brothers and sisters.
He didn’t care if he walked by a building and spotted a person on top of it.
He didn’t stopped and looked up, he just kept walking.
And then, when he heard the ‘thump!’, he smirked.
But as he met you, all his resolutions somehow made a back flip, leaving him with you.
He didn’t knew God could create someone like you.
“(Y/N), just…erg…grab the knife and…kill him!” Dean coughed, hands gripping at his throat to get the invisible fingers off, which held him three feet above the ground at the wall.
You shivered, body trembling as you looked up between Lucifer and the silver knife Castiel dropped.
Your eyes travelled t
:iconclaragryffon:ClaraGryffon 295 21
Lucifer x Reader - Back again
You slowly rolled on your back, empty eyes staring upwards through the ceiling, fixed on a point in history.
A tissue, soaked with tears a dozen times and then dried again, was squeezed tight by your numb fingers.
Your hair, unbraided for days, laid sprawled out on the pillow around you.
You’ve had seen it. How Sam had sacrificed himself to pull Lucifer and him back in the cage.
So far away…
Your breath was a sigh, as you closed your eyes and felt his cool fingertips on your skin again.
You had told no one about it, but you were the first human he had slipped into after he was freed of his cell. It hadn’t been for long, but you had an unexpectedly strong soul, so you carried on more or less without any issues.
What had surprised both you and Lucifer.
You had loved the feeling of him possessing your body, filling in every corner of your being.
You had heard his calling out of the chapel, and you had heard him speaking in his angel-voice.
The first time he had killed a
:iconclaragryffon:ClaraGryffon 237 14
Mature content
SPN Angels x Reader - Angelic Drugs :iconclaragryffon:ClaraGryffon 239 35
Can I Watch? by jack-o-lantern12 Can I Watch? :iconjack-o-lantern12:jack-o-lantern12 175 12 Extreme Makeover by vongue Extreme Makeover :iconvongue:vongue 256 133 J to J: J2, What we do. by KamiDiox J to J: J2, What we do. :iconkamidiox:KamiDiox 449 127 Happy 36th Birthday Jensen Ackles! by KamiDiox Happy 36th Birthday Jensen Ackles! :iconkamidiox:KamiDiox 137 67 Chasing by KamiDiox Chasing :iconkamidiox:KamiDiox 193 32 Love Hurts by KamiDiox Love Hurts :iconkamidiox:KamiDiox 378 100 Sam Winchester sucks (and not in the bad way) by navi1088
Mature content
Sam Winchester sucks (and not in the bad way) :iconnavi1088:navi1088 17 4
Abbadon, the Demon Queen by Hexele Abbadon, the Demon Queen :iconhexele:Hexele 21 2
Love you for who you are(Luciferxdepressed!reader)
A/N: Hello. Supernatural - guilty. I started watching it and I kinda couldn't stop. And I love so many characters it almost hurts. Luce is one of them. ;u;
This is just a PWP or how do you call it, but I wanted to write it just because.

You look with resignation at the dress you’re holding in your hands.
- I swear this dress was large enough last time I checked – you exclaim to no one in particular, throwing the dress at your bed with a frown. You really hoped it would fit, because you were gonna go to the restaurant with your friends. Fancy, expensive restaurant that they invited you to – what am I supposed to wear now? I don’t have anything nice!
- Why wear anything? You’re just fine like this – an amused voice comes from your door you could swear was closed just a moment ago, making you jump in surprise and turn around quickly. Of course, it’s your friend Luce. He and his brother never seemed to care about this thing called ‘pri
:icongemukaiso:GemuKaiso 58 14
Supernatural Dean Valentine! by HappySmileGear Supernatural Dean Valentine! :iconhappysmilegear:HappySmileGear 66 9 Supernatural Sam Valentine! by HappySmileGear Supernatural Sam Valentine! :iconhappysmilegear:HappySmileGear 75 9


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I can't believe I joined this site four years ago when I was a little pipsqueak! :) I'm getting so old now! I can finally look at deviations that are "18 and older" !! XP ANd Now I'm graduating in t-minus two days, gosh that's a scaary thought. D: I'm not ready for this, being an adult thing. :O But I'm slowly getting there. :) Anyone else graduating this week or anytime this month? Anyone Graduate already? How did it go for you?


Nicole Marie Smith
United States

I made my ID at so if you wanna go make one, do it! My user is Sais_muse_nikki14 so look me up, 'kay babes?

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Favourite cartoon character: Danny Phantom
Personal Quote: "...We used to be friends. And I just gave it up because I thought you were strange. Well, you are but the good kind of strange,” from my novella


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